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"Our Journey so far"

GMH Chartered Accountants was created by myself, Graeme Handley, a Chartered Accountant based in Renfrewshire with an objective to bring a fresh accounting perspective to individuals and business within the local area.  
Having qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 2004 with a Glasgow based, medium sized practise, an opportunity arose allowing a leap from practice into industry with a SME (small and medium sized enterprise) as Financial Director.  The business manufactured goods for the  construction industry and albeit having a good reputation within its desried market, the business had suffered several bad debts and as such required financial restructure and close financial leadership ensuring its recovery and progression within the market place.  Some ten years on, the business has grown from strength to strength with complete financial turnaround and boosts a reputation within the Scottish construction market which it is proud of.

So why the accounting practice i hear you ask?

Throughout my time running and managing the manufacturing and sub contracting business noted above, I identifed periods where the business was lacking in skills or human resource hours, not full time or even part time hours, but project and contract specific work however we stuggled to fill the requirement.  The reason it was a struggle was that we could never tap into the right person for the right amount of time at the right cost and in most cases ended up working longer hours to complete the tasks required.
Having experienced first hand the emotional roller coaster that is running an SME in today's economic climate, it is that reason why I have turned to creating a truely service lead, small accounancy pracitice offering all the stautory services you come to expect of an accountant, but crucially at the right price and time which suits you and your business.
Moreover, I offer a bespoke financial controller service for your business, one which allows your business to tap into  someone who, when required, can act as the financial controller within your business allowing me to use my commerical experience and judgement to assist your business.  In essence, I seek to offer the financial resource to your business thus allowing your business to benefit from the services of a Chartered Accountant overseeing the financial function of your business but at a cost which is reflective of the service.

Should you be interested in general accounting services be it accounts, bookkeeping, tax, VAT or perhaps wish to find out more on my Financial Controller function, please use the contact button below or call us on 07921 553565 to discuss.

All initial consulations are free and of course, informal and relaxed and should you feel I can be of assistance you can be guarnateed no unexpected accountancy fees given our agreed fixed fee approach.  So why wait, call or send us an email and see how I can start to assist you and your business, providing a clear soild financial foundation allowing you to concentrate to running and enjoying your business.