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The key to running an SME is ensuring you have enough time in the day to complete all the tasks required whilst ensuring your own time is best served doing what you do best, that's running your business and added value to it.

The task of book-keeping can get many people frustrated and very quickly if left, given the activity level within your business, can become a large catch up task which never gets addressed until the very last minute.
Here at GMH Chartered Accountants we dont believe it has to be that way. Our opinion is that life is there to be enjoyed and is to short to be stressing and worrying over the paperwork which hasnt been completed for some time so why not pass those worries over to us.
Of course its acknowledged that good record keeping is essential for a healthly business (and also a legal requirement) but more importantly it can save you hundreds of pounds when it comes to your year end accounts as time isn't wasted pulling togther the numbers, instead the some financial spend can be best used for drilling into the numbers and understanding them allowing key performance indicitors to be established.

As with all our services, low fixed monthly fees can apply where its 4hrs a month or 16hrs a week, we have the personell and commitment to ensure your book keeping is maintained to the highest of standards.

To discuss your individual requirments regards book-keeping services please contact us to obtain a specific quote for your requirements now.