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So you are considering setting up in business and looking to take the next step, well we can assist.

Many decisions require to be taken when setting up in business, many of which need to be taken by you ensuring that your character and image are reflected in your business however one aspect which doesnt need to take your time is the accounting registeration.

Before going to far with your new business idea, stop to think the best and most appropriate "vehicle" for that business. By vehicle we refer to whether you should trade as a sole trader, partnership or Limited Company. Each vehicle has there own pro's and con's both legally and financially however the key thing is to have all the information ready and to hand.

After the correct business vehicle has been selected then you are required to notifiy and register with HMRC for taxation, perhaps VAT and PAYE or even CIS and of course if you wish to establish a Limited Company then it must be created and formed, share certificates produced and the necessary paperwork completed for both Companies House and HMRC. All of this takes time and in our opinion it should be our time, not yours.

Here at GMH Chartered Accountants we are happy to discuss your business idea further and be of assistance from day one and the best bit, our time and services wont cost you the earth as remember we have been there and created businesses from scratch so understand the importance of getting value for money and the right advice.

Should you feel we can be of assistance please contact us to arrange an informal and relaxed chat over your ideas and plans from which we can provide a tailored approach and costs for providing our assistance. Fees start at as little as £250.00 for the creation and registeration of a Limited company and £150.00 for sole traders and partnerships.