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Freelance Financial Controller

A key service which is offered to local businesses is that of Freelance Financial Controller.
So what does this mean and how does it work?
The idea of this service was born out of my own difficultly in gaining access to high calibre staff when required for a short amount of time.  I never needed say a draftsman full time or even consistent hours each week but rather wanted that person on tap.  Unfortuantely for a numebr of reasons i never managed to find the right person.
Based on these experiences I have chosen to offer just that service, a Chartered Accountant who shall act for your business in the capacity of Financial Controller thus providing your business with:-
  • Assessment and discussion of your business and the setting of realistic objectives for your business and agreed timescales in which these are to be acheived.
  • Creation and formulation of a strategy of how the objectives can be achieved.
  • Professional knowledge and commitment to completed specific accounting tasks within your business.
  • Completion of management accounting information allowing discussion and review against the stratgey and objectives previously set.
  • Systems and process review and improvement where needed to ensure accounting function streamlined.
  • Management and encouragement of other members of the finance team.
  • Close management of working capital and cashflow ensuring smooth running of business.
  • Ad hoc and project tasks.
  • Assuming responsibility for the complete finance function of your business.

It is understood that for some this can be a large step into the unknown however given my experience, commercial judgement and honest believe I can make a real difference to SME's and their owners.
Most business owners if asked the question, would you like a Chartered Accountant running your finance and accounting function would answer YES.
The difficultly for most is that it is often cost prohibitive or the business is of a size which does not warranty full time employment and benefits.
This is where I step in, qualified Chartered Accountant, providing a service all for a cost which is both affordable to you and your business.
There is no minimum charge, commitment or time period and all arrangements are tailored to fit with you and your business.
So if you think this is something which could work for you, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we shall arrange for a relaxed chat in an environment most comfortable for you (sometimes away from the office) to see whether the arrangement can work for you and your business.