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Self assessment tax returns:

CIS Returns for individuals:-

For those working within the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS), the completion of your self assessment return can create panic for some and unfortunately for others late filing penalties or even interest are accrued due to errors within self assessment returns when completed by yourself.

Here at GMH Chartered Accountants we aim to provide a simple soultion to your problem. At industry leading rates, we meet with you and discuss your employment status for the previous tax year, your income and expenses for that year and then complete your return, all for a FIXED fee of £180.00. Please note that as we are not VAT registered you only pay £180.00.

Interested in signing up for the completion of your 2014/15 return?
Just contact us or call 07921 553565 and we can assist you in four simple steps:-

1. Provide your full name.
2. Provide your existing UTR (Unique Tax Reference)
3. Provide your current post code
4. Photographic ID to be verified by us.

After we have this information, we shall request via HMRC to act on your behalf and then arrange a consultation at your convenience, even at the site in which you are working thus ensuring you don't lose out on working time.

Remember, we have spent more than ten years within the Construction sector and covered many sites across Scotland so have first hand knowledge on how best to complete your return and assess any potential refunds due.
Contact us to discuss your individual requirement with low fixed fee of £180 per indivdiual CIS return.